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Test posting
« on: Fri, 11 September 2020, 07:07:43 »
Test posting
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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 11 September 2020, 07:09:45 »
I'm inspired, count me in

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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 11 September 2020, 07:11:00 »
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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
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This cant be serious, what a low effort IC. Just a pic, a discord link and give me the money quick, right? This community its worse everyday, what a shame

And because moderation on this forum sucks they allow this kind of IC. An IC like this should be close

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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
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I appreciate the hustle and desire to capitalize on zeitgeist while you can.

That being said, early ICs are simply not the way to go about publishing a set concept. A bad early IC is way worse than a late, fleshed out IC. ICs are all about impressions and the impression this IC leaves upon me is very poor. You're looking for positive reception as confirmation for renders? You're not going to find it with this low quality of an IC.

Renders went from being a nice to have in ICs to nearly a need to have. It shows you have some level of personal commitment to the set that you would even pay for mockups our of your own pocket before anything is official. To not have renders and to just show off a set of KLEs, is definitely not a good look, and the KLEs do a very poor job of showing the colors that you want to show, or maybe they do a really good job, but to me they look like blanks. I'm not trying to bog you down or take shots at an easy target, rarely anything ever deserves that. If you're truly invested in making this set happen beyond a text-post and a barely visible KLE render, you need to make a very good impression, so that vendors who see your IC will want to work with ya.

Many people will not buy into the concept if the IC is not good from the get-go. You can sell any concept to anyone as long as the beginning impressions are good enough.

If you're intent on making this happen (and this would have to be very soon, before more eyes can see this and get their first impressions, which, in their current state would result in the set being written off extremely quickly) then you can:

1. Flesh out those layouts.
2. Get some renders.
3. Give more of a ****. Going into a project half-assed (you could be fully on board, but this post does certainly not show that) only makes me believe in the project less. If you don't believe in your project enough to give a detailed, commited sales pitch, why should any vendor, or even why should the community believe in it? Dipping your toes into the pool is simply not an option when everyone else who's making successful sets is hopping in headfirst.

credit to krelbit. (edited for clarity)

Aside from the obvious lack of effort in the IC, I understand you have a concept that you want to put into production, but don't give a bad first impression like this.
Any other information like colors, layout choices, estimated price, material, units, would be very helpful in making this project a reality.

EDIT: I think its a joke guys.
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Re: [IC] Voice65 by Owlab + Nomi
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is OP's username a literal keyboard smash too lmao?
every time I think I've seen a new low for IC thread effort, someone else comes along and comes by with a pitch consisting of literally two words

I'm calling troll on this one. I don't want to believe anyone can be this moronic.... I don't wanna....
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