Author Topic: IBM XT 5150 (w/ German F keyboard) -- what am I to do?  (Read 4141 times)

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IBM XT 5150 (w/ German F keyboard) -- what am I to do?
« on: Wed, 28 August 2019, 03:37:52 »
Hi everybody,

We are talking about this specific stack:

I've had this computer for ages, actually wrote my M.A. thesis on it back in the 1980s. The additional color monitor (model no. 5153-002) used to be a real highlight at the time. Er, times change.

Now I'd like to get rid of the entire stack, not least because I could use some money. Last time I remember booting up was around 10 years ago, everything working fine. Now all components still seems to be functinonal, with the notable exception that, on starting up (using the same old DOS 2.1 on floppy disk), the standard monochrome monitor (Model 5151-002) says "Parity Check 1", and that was that. The disk drive does make an appropriate sound with the the LED flashing, but I keep getting the same message no matter what I insert (i.e. _any one_ of my floppy disks or no disk whatever). I did apply two appropriate sprays (one designed for cleaning electonic parts, one consisting of air), but I keep getting the same result, so my suspicion is that the floppy drive might have gone west despite the sound and the LED flashing.

I'd be interested in opinions on how to proceed from here. I don't think that I can be bothered to replace the floppy disk drive or to actually ship the various components someplace. Unless there are very good reasons to do so, that is. I am based in Vienna, Austria. Should I use e-bay and offer the entire system for local pick-up?

And if so (finally getting down to business), what would be a realistic price tag for the system "as is"? This is actually a question that bugs me because I HAVE NO IDEA, particularly considering the additional color monitor, which I've always assumed is quite a rarity. (I don't have the printer anymore.)

I'd be really grateful for opinions, so thanks in advance!

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Re: IBM XT 5150 (w/ German F keyboard) -- what am I to do?
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 28 August 2019, 12:59:31 »
According to the very useful website the message "Parity Check 1" indicates an error with the RAM (not the disk drive).
It's difficult to name a price. Some guys are lucky and find a working system in a garage sale in the US for $50, others are asking for $600 on ebay for a horrible looking set.
I found a working 5150 with monochrome display in very nice condition for 350 on