Author Topic: Cheap Model M, just needs a clean:  (Read 6588 times)

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Cheap Model M, just needs a clean:
« on: Sun, 26 January 2020, 14:27:14 »

I'd almost be willing to bet money, that a swab of iso alcohol on a Qtip would get those sticky keys going again, and if so you'd have a very cheap model M on your hands.

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Re: Cheap Model M, just needs a clean:
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 26 January 2020, 16:05:18 »
I think it will take a complete dis-assembly (requiring a bolt mod to get it back together) because the 3 membranes are probably going to need a good soak to get rid of the dried sugar-water that is probably encrusted on and between them.
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