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Hey there from Minnesota
« on: Thu, 30 January 2020, 17:45:15 »
Oh hey! My name is Gerald.

Like many new comers to the community, I'm sure, I became addicted through watching Taeha Types on YouTube and Twitch. I think I watched a randomfrankp video on a custom board he built and Taeha Types suddenly popped up in my recommended list. I clicked and have never looked back.

To be honest, before I found the custom mech keyboard community - I had no idea there were more switches out there other than the Cherry MX switches. Once I discovered that, I knew I wanted to move on from my Corsair board. I hated the feeling of the Cherry Reds and of course after watching Nathan's videos I needed to get rid of that cheap plastic production board. It always blew my mind how expensive cheap plastic boards are. I did a tiny bit of research and at the time I had recently bought a Glorious Model O mouse and loved it - so I decided to start my journey with the GMMK Compact, mainly due to the hot swap ability. I knew that if I wanted to start my journey down this path - I wanted an affordable board that allowed me to try out different switches as I saw fit. I was too scared to mod it when I first got it but I now have the tools and lube on order to reduce the ping from the board as much as I can.

And knowing that I had the tools and lube on the way I decided to take the plunge officially into the custom mech keyboard world. Enter: KBDfans and Dixie Mech. I am still taking baby steps so I didn't go too crazy. The KBDfans Tofu HHKB hot swap kit is what I ended up going with because I still want the functionality of changing out switches as I wish. And when I saw Dixie Mech's Dualshot set I had to jump on it. I was bummed I couldn't afford the 8008 set at the time it ran because the colorway is just gorgeous - but the Playstation 1 is what truly fueled my love for gaming. The NES was on the way out by the time I was old enough to understand what video games were and the SNES for some reason didn't really interest me all that much. The PS1 was the first system I owned by myself. I worked at a horse stable cleaning out the stalls and saved up enough money to actually purchase a console on my own! It was glorious! So - I couldn't miss this set and I'm super stoked to get it along with that gorgeous desk mat. It will always bring back those memories of the first time I had a goal that I wanted to work towards and I achieved it.

I look forward to building the Tofu HHKB - still haven't decided on the switches yet but I do know I want to do lubed linear switches. I would love to drop the $$$ on Healios but we'll see.

Thanks to stopping by and thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm excited to further fall down this rabbit hole - and I look forward to learning so much from this great community.

Thank you again.

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Re: Hey there from Minnesota
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 03 February 2020, 09:32:26 »
Welcome Gerald, and cool story. I did something similar for my Xbox 360 as a teenager, although it was far from my first console.