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[GB] Mesa TKL | in production
« on: Sun, 25 October 2020, 17:38:01 »
Mesa TKL | Group Buy Opens October 29, 2020

Current Status: manufacturing orders have been placed and keyboards are in production.
Expected Fulfillment: April 2021

IC Thread:


Mesa TKL is a keyboard I designed to have the lowest typing height possible with MX-style switches. There's an opening in the bottom of the case that lets the PCB rest just above the desktop and as a result the switches and keycaps sit about 5-7mm lower than they do on most comparable keyboards. The stainless steel plate is gasket mounted with extra foam dampers for a stiff feel and a tight, muted sound profile. The aesthetic is minimalist and functional, with most of the design dictated by mechanical constraints. This keyboard is a workhorse: comfortable without a wrist rest, tuned for feel and sound, and elegant enough to make you take a second look.

After lots of feedback, two rounds of prototyping, and delivered commissions, this project is ready for a larger production run. Check out the IC thread for discussion, photos, build log, and typing videos and join the discord to get updates in real time.

Group Buy Details:
  • $450 + local taxes + shipping
  • Limited to 50 units
  • Black or white e-coat
  • Standard layout or winkeyless layout (each with separate MOQ of 20)
  • Extra plates, PCBs, and foam will be available

Supported layouts:

Included in kit:
  • Aluminum case + stainless steel weight
  • Stainless steel plate
  • PCB + daughterboard
  • Gaskets
  • Foam Dampers
  • Domed silicone feet
  • All fasteners
  • Ultra low-profile stabilizer screws for spacebar

How to Buy

Raffle link: closed

The group buy is limited to 50 spots which will be chosen in a raffle. The raffle will open on Oct. 29 7:00pm PST and run for 48 hours.

There are two variants of Mesa TKL, standard layout and winkeyless, each with its own separate MOQ of 20 units. Once the raffle is closed, entries will be drawn until the 50 unit limit is reached. If a variant does not reach MOQ, entries that chose the losing variant will be modified according to the "Alternative Layout" checkbox on the raffle form; those that checked the box will be converted to the winning variant, those that did not will be removed.

Entries will be drawn blindly and totally at random. Winning entries will get their first choice of layout - the drawing will not be manipulated to ensure that both variants are made.

If you receive a winning entry you must create an account in the store with the email address you provided in your raffle entry (you can do so by clicking on the roughly human shaped icon in the top right corner of the store's home page). This will unlock the products in the Mesa TKL Collection and let you add them to your cart. The shipping address you provide at checkout must match the one in the raffle entry.

Please refer to the terms and conditions on my website. I expect fulfillment to take between four and six months, but this is an estimate not a promise. Once I place my orders with the suppliers it's completely out of my hands so I can commit to transparency but not deadlines. Make sure you have given this thought and accept it before joining the group buy.

Photos and Renders

Height comparison with RAMA M60 (on the left)

A look at how the PCB emerges from the case.

There are no copper traces or SMT components on the exposed portion of PCB.
(Note that the production version will have domed feet rather than flat pads.)

Fully assembled prototype.
This was a commission and has been delivered, built with lubed aqua zilents and ePBT ABS Dolch caps.

Rear view of the USB port and weight.

Note: This configuration will not be available in the GB!
It's just here to give you an idea of what the keyboard looks like in black.
The black colorway what will be available is e-black + stainless steel, whereas this is anodized black + brass.

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Re: [GB] Mesa TKL | in production
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 13 November 2020, 11:30:03 »
GB already closed? I was only notified by Geekhack just now.

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Re: [GB] Mesa TKL | in production
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GB already closed? I was only notified by Geekhack just now.

Probably my fault - I had been trying to contact Signature without any luck before somebody suggested that I just report the thread for approval.