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Re: [GB] E6-V2 Custom 60% Keyboard - INVOICED
« Reply #1000 on: Tue, 24 July 2018, 15:53:41 »
Where would I go about finding the default layout?

EDIT: I'm looking at the QMK github for the e6v2 LE and see that there is a .c file that says caps lock LED fix...

Not the default layout, flashed a new layout on it on QMK Config with E6V2 LE. E6V2 and E6V2 OE wouldn't compile for some reason. On the default layout, I didn't have this issue, so it's definitely a FW issue.
For some reason, the caps lock light won't turn off...any ideas? I have the QMK version A1(?)

Is this the default layout? Have you flashed it yet?

e6v2 on its own is a directory so that won't compile.
OE seems to work just fine compiling, perhaps you had a wrong keycode. Regardless, please do not flash OE firmware for the LE board.
Could you try flashing the default layout again and seeing if the issue persists.

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Re: [GB] E6-V2 Custom 60% Keyboard - INVOICED
« Reply #1001 on: Sat, 05 September 2020, 09:30:58 »



just finished my assembling with Drop HP.

it has been kept in the box for almost three years, but still the best HHKB design I ever love!

hoping there will be the round 3 soon  :thumb:
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