Author Topic: Polymer clay game pad, need recommendations.  (Read 4286 times)

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Polymer clay game pad, need recommendations.
« on: Wed, 12 February 2020, 14:54:14 »
Hello, Im new here but I felt this might need to go in this topic.

I made this key pad because standard spacing is a bit cramped for me and this layout has less clutter to avoid miss presses in league of legends. This is also a prototype so later I can make a keyboard for my wife who has polydactyly which means she has 12 working fingers. The odd colors is due to using scrap polymer clay we had left over.

1. Is there a board you recommend for direct input for 10 keys? Id like to avoid a matrix setup. I tried using the board out of a insigna keypad, I did a small matrix without resistors or diodes and it put my computer into sleep mode lol. The pins on that board are c14c13c12c11c10c9r0r1r2r3r4r5r6r7 I thought they would of been c1-4 r1-5.

2. What exactly are the switches in the logic tech G915? They say low profile GL switches but they look like kailh choc switches, I love how that board feels but its too big so Id like to make a 65% with them. Or what is closest to that feel?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Polymer clay game pad, need recommendations.
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 12 February 2020, 15:40:46 »
If I understand the question you might look at including
the ginni, georgi and others.
The ginni in particular is a 10 key keyboard.
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