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Hello from Florida
« on: Tue, 10 March 2020, 19:36:36 »
Hey guys i just wanted to introduce myself. Im from fort myers FL. I recently got into keyboards after my obsession with building gaming PCs. I didnt have anything else i could possibly doff to upgrade my PC so i started looking for a new hobby to get myself into. Then i found out that there are some really looking custom mechanical keyboards that i could build. After i got my firdt board i was hooked. Currently i have 4 boards. Two TOFU 60s, A Savage65, and my currect favorite. a Rama M60-A seq 2 in Haze color. I also have aquired a vast array of keycap sets and switches. Anyway i hope i can meet some cool people from this group and maybe guy some new things to add to my collection.