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Keycap mold question
« on: Mon, 27 April 2020, 15:21:45 »
Hey everyone, I was wondering where I can buy a mold or a finished insert. something like this. I know of $ynth but it seems like they are sold out. I make sterling silver jewelry and I want to put resin fittings on the inside of the metal keycaps. Ive tried printing them but printed keycaps are too brittle to last a long time so I want to cast it in resin. I'm fairly new to this so any help in direction would be appreciated!

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Re: Keycap mold question
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 11 May 2020, 21:40:27 »
You could try 3D printing a keycap and create a mold from that. The mold may not be as strong as a $ynth, but should be durable enough.