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[Feedback] Ergo User Keymap Layout Survey
« on: Sun, 14 June 2020, 11:08:09 »
Hello Geekhack,

I would like to ask for some input from those of you that use Ergodox or Ergodox-like keyboards in order to help give designers information to help them design ergo kits with maximized compatibility.

Survey (Google Forms)

Ergo kits are often not offered for keysets, and even when they are offered I find that many times they do not offer a lot of compatibility outside of the default Ergodox layout. There are new and innovative keyboards like the Boardwalk, Boardrun, Pan, Redox, Sol 2, Unigo66, etc. as well as standard Ergodox boards like the Ergodox EZ,  that use Ergodox keycap kits, and I would like to see kits designed to reflect new innovations in ergo and ortho keyboards. To do this, designers need information on how users customize their ergo keyboards. My hope is that both ergo users and keycap set designers will benefit from the information collected in this survey.

There have been some great ergo/assembly kits for sets like KAT Atlantis, KAM Wraith, GMK Norde, and GMK Lunar and I would really love to see more like them.

I plan to keep this survey up to date, and would like to make the data available to anyone that would like to use it to improve their ergo kits.

I made the survey not require a login or email address to reach people that either donít have a Google account or donít want to give out their email. Please only answer this survey once for each unique keymap layout. If you have multiple Ergodox-style keyboards and you use substantially different layouts for them, it would help if you would fill out the survey for each unique layout you use. (e.g. If you have a Boardwalk that has a standard ANSI right modifier layout of [Backspace, Pipe, Enter, Shift, Control] and also have an Ergodox Infinity that has a right modifier layout of [Minus, Backspace, Shift, Enter, Function] please fill out the survey once for each of those keymaps layouts.)

I would like for this survey to reach as much of the mechanical keyboard and ergodox community as possible, so if you could share this on relevant discords or websites, that would be tremendously helpful. I will share it on Reddit as well. Also, if you have any feedback on the survey itself, (misspellings, grammar mistakes, incorrect pictures, etc.) please let me know in the comments here.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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