Author Topic: Request: Reviews of the UPDATED Holy Panda (with new tooling)  (Read 730 times)

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After the backlash from the first round of Holy Pandas (HP), some changes were made to the product, this is a quote from the discussion tab of the HP product page:

Holy Pandas are back! There will be a few small changes, but they sound and feel more or less the same. A few things to note about this round:
1) Switches will be un-lubed from the factory.
2) The switch housings will be made with new tooling.
3) The switch housings will be made of POM and are slightly lighter in colour.
4) The switches come in packs of 70, 90, or 110. Smaller or larger packs will not be offered.

Point #2 is interesting, does anyone know why they changed the housing tooling, what was changed?

I cannot find any reviews of the updated model, I guess I was expecting some kind of confirmation that the new tooling does not impact the feel in any way.

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Mines will arrive at the end of june, so we'll have to wait to know.

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