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Hello All
« on: Sun, 28 June 2020, 20:31:18 »

I am somewhat new to the hobby, but have always enjoyed good keyboards.  I originally used an IBM model M for several years, then transitioned to a granite SGI after some complaining from friends about the buckling spring noise, and now use an 82 key Deck (green) I received as a gift about 7 years ago. 

Working from home has taught me that my old Deck gaming keyboard is probably not a great fit for my job duties.  Iíve gotten used to it, but as an Actuary I use the number pad a bit more than most.  I donít enter numbers for hours, but it is done frequently enough that it matters.  My first thought was to try and match the 82 key Deck with its accompanying numberpad, but there may be more original space cadet keyboards laying around than a green Deck numberpads. 

I transitioned my plan and Im now going to build a custom keyboard.  Iíve never soldered anything, but am not afraid to learn. Money isnít a big concern, within reason (750 or so would be fine).   I found this forum and the community here is great. Any advice for me on my quest would be welcomed.  Iím looking for a high quality office friendly keyboard, full size or 96%, with a brass plate or some heft.  Iíll probably go for GMK double shot keycaps, and I havenít nailed down the switches (Iím probably not as particular as others about switches).  Is there a standard design for GMK that does not require a group buy?

Anyway, thanks so much to all that organize these forums.  I look forward to learning more about the hobby.
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Re: Hello All
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 29 June 2020, 17:32:17 »
I'm not sure how many full size custom keyboards there are out there; the hobby of creating custom keyboards seems to be on the smaller ones. 96% keyboards are around, though. I wish I knew more about them so I could help you!

Good luck my friend! You might want to search the youtubes for whatever the youtubists buy, or ask around on the mechanicalkeyboards subreddit, where they're even more heavily focused on customizing keyboards than we are.

In the mean time, I think your past keyboards have been amazing! Great history there!