Author Topic: Realforce RGB mods potentially needed  (Read 910 times)

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Realforce RGB mods potentially needed
« on: Tue, 30 June 2020, 17:24:43 »
Hello, and this site has already been a great help.  I just ordered the RealForce RGB and now I am reading so many reviews and thoughts concerning people not loving it.  The build quality of the case decreased and the sound of the keystrokes is no longer premium, etc... This is my first expensive keyboard purchase and I was excited to experience the Topre brand, but now I feel I may have made a grievous mistake.  I did see some videos of people modding their RGB boards with silencers, but I do not have the experience or confidence to attempt that surgery on my 300 dollar purchase.  I was hoping to hear some of the thoughts from experienced users. Also, if I did go the silencing route, how might I go about hiring someone to install them for me? How expensive would something like that be? Thanks, and I feel I am officially addicted to keyboards now.