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Apple IIgs / Apple IIc Stepped PBT's!!!

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(generic pic of them from internet - do not have geekhack attached to mobile yet! lol)

I gotta say - after getting the Apple IIgs / Alps Orange board last week, I cannot get over how badass these stepped PBT dye subs are.
Absolutely massive 2mm + thickness, the feeling as you jam on them are pretty magnificent.

Why did no other maker after ever attempt this keycap style?
I can tell you If I get another Alps board I would try to get replacements via an Apple IIc donor board to outfit them.
That being said I know the oblique Apple font is kind of divisive, myself I don't have issues with it at all.


Those are pretty great keycaps.  They remind me of modern chiclet keys, but sculpted.  My middle school had several IIGS computers with those keyboards, and I bought one years later to use an old Mac.  Unfortunately it's pretty yellowed and has a school district's name melted into the top case.

Yeah, I absolutely love these caps - they feel wonderful, nice and solid and thocky. Unfortunately, bit of an arse to use them with almost anything else due to Apple rotating all the switches 90 in the top row. Apple IIc caps are your only option really, but they are totally flat profile, which equally sucks

They have me spoiled for real!
I TRIED going back to my other boards today and within minutes I was reconnecting the Apple IIgs lol.

That being said I have an AEK coming in Monday and of course will have to give it a look over.
They have equally thick non stepped PBTs and I'm sure they will please.

Still, the charms of this IIgs are many.  Such a unique board, plus I can't get over the full size yet compact form factor (Basically a 75).
I wish 65-75% keyboard makers would look for inspiration in this design!

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Apple II, as I wasn't exposed to them much in daily life, but the keyboards were excellent.

Someone should bring those keycaps back, but the profile may be copyrighted or something.


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