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Any experienced glassblowers in here?


I recently started looking around for custom keycaps for my keyboard, totally new to the concept (Hello by the way), and the idea of ones made of glass really stuck with me, I wouldn't want anything hyper special, just maybe either a red tint or completely clear one's, with the letter engraved on the underside, or even as some kind of insert inside the top part of it, hell even laser engraving or whatever create's the best quality of letter and symbol really, preferably at semi-transparent, so the backlight shines through and I wouldn't want many, maybe for the arrow keys and QAWSDERTY, or even only the latter mentioned one's.

Even a reply on whether or not this would be a possible thing would be cool, so I don't go around forever and wonder what the world would look like if I had some beautiful, clear glass keycaps that make me the coolest kid on the block :cool:

A couple of years ago. Gloyz made some interesting pieces.


--- Quote from: fohat.digs on Tue, 07 July 2020, 21:53:15 ---A couple of years ago. Gloyz made some interesting pieces.

--- End quote ---

is there any way to get in contact with him?


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