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Radioshack TRS-80 model ii keyboard. What switches are those?


Hello community!!!
I recently picked one of those keyboard because I thought it looked nice! (Album below)

Here is my questions:
1- What is this kind of switch? I heard TRS-80 model 3 and 4 were using alps. Do you recognize it?
2- Would I be able to use them on any kind of modern switch, like alps mathias or something like that for a board I would make.
3- What layout would I be able to use it for? A planck? A HHKB style keyboard? A ID75...? I'm open to suggestions of what you think the best layout for it would be!

Thank you!!!

1. The switches have embossed writing "Key Tronic" "Spokane", don't they? ;)
They look like vintage Key Tronic foam-and-foil switches.

2. The keycap mount is Key Tronic's own. AFAIK no other manufacturer uses it. The switches are capacitive and plate-mounted, and PCB and plate would probably need to be custom for another layout. Controllers for capacitive keyboards do exist, however. (Search for "xwhatsit")

Alright thank you, you're right!

Anyone know if there is a project anywhere to make these keycaps usable? I haven't found one and would really like to make use of these keycaps :)
A 3d printed part maybe like this project:


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