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Hello Im quik
« on: Sat, 25 July 2020, 19:15:43 »
Hello All,

I am a new user on this forum. As fellow Keyboard and keycap enthusiast, I have been collecting here and there for about 6 years, I recently got back into the obsession with the search for my perfect keyboard build. I have mostly XDA keycaps sets off massdrop which initially got me into the custom keyboard game. I have 2 sets of the OG canvas with normal and alternate modifiers, as well as the other 2 Mito sets and a collection of other modifers and some basic tai Hao stuff. I recently ordered my first fancy keyboard which i will be receiving all the components for this week. My first keyboard i loved was a James Donkey 619 with Tai Hao Hawaii keycaps. Up until recently I worked in industrial controls and electronics, so I am interested in the wiring and customization people are doing around here as well as product design and visualization. I am a self taught 3D animator and modeler as well as a touch screen developer and Wordpress hacker. I am building my own custom cable for my new build that will be a bit different than the popular aviators that are coming out, so Ill be curious to see you guys/gals take on that in the next few weeks. (using medical device connectors and fancy candy colored medical device grade cables).

Just a note to add to others i found when searching, my gmail accounts failed to receive the activation emails and resend also failed to appear in main or spam folders, I signed up with an alternate email domain to get it working.
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