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Greetings from the Unintentional Lurker!


I'd heard years ago I really should try out a mechanical keyboard, so a few years ago I bought a Logitech G810 and was spoiled! I just couldn't pull myself to use a membrane keyboard full time ever again. A couple months ago it started double-typing letters (sometimes triple). I tried cleaning as best I could, it helped but didn't fix it, and quickly regressed again. Figured it's a good time to take the next step down the rabbit-hole, so I tried to study-up. Read some stuff here, a bit on Reddit and YouTube, and made the (surprisingly expensive after all the parts are added up) leap! I bought a Keebio Sinc, some Kailh Pro Purple switches, other parts and tools and such, and am now stuck on keycaps (don't worry, this is a "hello", not a request for help, I'll put that in the appropriate forum). Came here to sign-up and ask around for tips, and I'm told my email is already registered! Come to find out I registered in 2013, and never posted??

TL;DR - signed up in 2013, never posted, now I'm back for realsies.

For anyone curious, here's a sample of my keyboard without me correcting the duplicates:
There once waas an old lady who lived in a ashoe. She had so maany children she didn't know whaat to do. Something something, basicallyy she fed them what she could, spaanked them (for good reason I'm sure), aand sent them to bed.

You can see the A is pretty bad, the Y surprised me, but there are some others (E is another problematic one) that often cause me to be much slower at my job...


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