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Hey Vendors!
« on: Sat, 14 November 2020, 08:42:41 »
The last 5 orders I've received in the last few weeks have included brand stickers in their shipments. Every sticker was high quality and very nice. My only thing is I will never use it/them. I know this is part marketing, part unboxing experience, part people like stickers. In my mind it doesn't make sense for me to receive these awesome stickers because they immediately go into the trash.

Can I suggest adding an option at checkout on your websites to allow the buyer to decide if she/he wants a sticker with their order?

Some of these stickers do not look cheap so I'm thinking it could be a win-win for your wallets and for the environment while still giving the option to get one of your awesome stickers for those that want one. I give credit to here because they were the first site I saw that as an option and was curious why more vendors would do the same.