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****ed up and put this in the wrong section, whoops

Misonocons are modern, free-use icons for custom keyboard keycaps. The styling of these icons are inspired by Biip's work on KAT Milkshake, Swishy's work on KAM 80's After Dark, and MiTo's Micons. I wanted to make custom icons for my own upcoming sets, but I thought it would be nice to release these icons for every designer who wants a modern alternative to Selectric icons.

There are two variants of these in the GitHub Repository, being thick and thin icons. The thick icons are meant for use with thicker fonts, such as Gorton Bold, and are best suited for dyesub caps with custom fonts. The thin icons are meant for use with thinner fonts, such as Gorton or Cherry.

Pictures and Renders
Thick icons on monochrome KAT keycaps, paired with Open Gorton Bold.

Thin icons on monochrome KAT keycaps, paired with Open Gorton.

Thick icons reference sheet

Thin icons reference sheet

In the GitHub Repository, there are two SVG sheets that you can import into an editor of your choice. Scale them, slap them on your caps, color them, and there you go!

If you are going to use Misonocons in one of your keycap sets that will go into an IC or GB, I'd prefer you to attribute me to the icons. However, I can't really police the sheer volume of ICs and stuff, nor would I really want to, so just please have my name somewhere attatched to the icons, whether it be in a thanks section or as a footnote to your renders. I won't get on your ass over this, though, so do whatever you wanna do.
There is more information on attribution and the license used in the Github.

Otherwise, go wild!

(P.S. if you didn't notice, the header is a hyperlink to the GitHub Repository. That's also a hyperlink, woah!)
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Re: Misonocons - (thread moved)
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Re: Misonocons - (thread moved)
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very noice. will be using this for KAT Mori icons :D
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Re: Misonocons - (thread moved)
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Great to see alternatives icons available for potentially more unique looking keycap sets in the future. Selectric icons by OCM, JSS and Konstantin are a great community default icon set, but some sets could benefit with a different look to the typical icon modifiers.
Having both thick and thin variants is excellent  :thumb: