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Hello from Philadelphia, PA!
« on: Mon, 04 January 2021, 23:01:14 »
I've stumbled across the forum on several occasions while searching for hard-to-find things but only just decided to join. I have been into mechanical keyboards since about 2015 or so? I was having a conversation with a coworker about the butterfly keyboards on our Macbooks and I casually mentioned that I missed the "old school" keyboards in my high school computer/writing labs in the 90's. He told me that Unicomp still made the Model M buckling spring keyboards and I immediately ordered one and little did I know.... Five years later and I have seven (?) keyboards.

My newest is my first true custom build, and I'm in love!

A KBD75 v2 in a custom hickory wooden case with Tealios v2 lubed with Krytox GPL 205g0, ZealPC screw in stabilizers (also lubed with the 205g0 and dialectric grease on the wires), and MT3 Jukebox keycaps from Drop.

I also own a rev3 Preonic with Cherry MX Silent Blacks and SA "Icecaps" (I'm pretty sure they were called Iceberg when I bought them). The preonic was my daily driver for quite a while... so much so that I'm really still just getting used to the staggered layout again!

Anyways, glad I finally registered and I look forward to getting more involved in the community!  :thumb:

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Re: Hello from Philadelphia, PA!
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 06 January 2021, 13:47:18 »
Welcome to keyboards! Guard your wallet lol. Also love Philly and PA. Enjoy your stay!