Author Topic: Is there a foam tray for sale to store my Tai Hao keycaps? Instead of a box  (Read 1079 times)

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I bought the ABS-Cubic Profile Backlit-104 Orz II (Green) SKU#T31GN301 by Tai Hao

They are so pretty, out of all my key caps in my collection they are my favorite. I bought both color sets. Question, for the ones I keep in storage is there some kind of padding tray I can store them in that I can buy? For instance, Ducky keycaps ship their keycaps in a nice foam tray but Tai Hao just throws all their keycaps in a box. I am worried in time they will get scratched up or the pain will scratch.

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This one is pretty affordable.. 72rmb less shipping and import.. Not sure if you can navigate the site. Else bangood might have something similar

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