Author Topic: [First time posting] Looking for GK64X(S) split spacebar keycaps  (Read 828 times)

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[First time posting] Looking for GK64X(S) split spacebar keycaps
« on: Tue, 19 January 2021, 17:21:02 »
I am starting my first build with the GK64XS from Banggood. I plan on trying the split spacebar configuration and as a newcomer I still donít always know where to look for keycaps of high quality.

Seeking 2.75U, 2.25U, and 1.25U caps in a matching or complimentary color scheme.
I opted for the black board and case and have yet to decide on the rest of the color scheme since the spacebar Uís seem like the most eye catching, and potentially restrictive aspect of the board, which will lead the design of the board.
I am keeping this board relatively budget friendly as a first build, but artisans are not off the table.

Hopefully this doesnít sound way off base. There may be some key info I am missing so this is a humble search for which I would just like some guidance.

 :) :-*

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