Author Topic: Cherry G84 ML-4100 with unusual key layout (no function keys and unlabeled keys)  (Read 389 times)

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I just got my first mechanical keyboard (a Cherry G84 ML-4100) ever, not in small part thanks to a few threads about this keyboard on this website. I wanted to share a picture of this keyboard to see if someone can let me know what it is. It is quite unusual in that the F1-F10 keys are labeled M0 to M9. I have looked online and haven't found anything.

The first impressions of this keyboard are really positive. It seems to be very well built. The keys are smaller than usual, but I have been able to use it successfully. The more problematic keys are the Right Shift and the Backspace, but I seem to be able to already hit them relatively consistently after just 30 minutes.

The keys are a little scratchy, but it doesn't bother me. I like how this keyboard sounds and feels. Sometimes it seems as if a key would get stuck if you don't hit a key right in the middle, but it hasn't really happened to me yet. This is a very smart looking keyboard and very compact. I got it new for $20 shipped, so I think it is a good deal.

By the way, the Left Alt acts like the Tilde key, and the Fn key acts like the Left Alt key. Not sure if this is due to me having set up my computer for a different keyboard, but I guess I could inspect the key codes the keyboard is sending.

The other unlabeled key (in the top right) actually is registered as NumLock, whereas NumLock is not registered.

Any ideas on what this is? By the way, the model number is G84-ML4100PTAUS / 03

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Just a little more information.

A couple notes about the key action. I have read some places that the tactile bump takes place before the key registers, so that the tactile feel is unrelated to the key being typed. While this is technically true, it is almost impossible to get the tactile feedback and not have the key register. Even if you try to make this happen, it is hard to do it. In real typing it is a non issue. I actually find the tactile feedback really nice on the keyboard. The other thing is that while some keys feel somewhat scratchy and they give you the impression that if you don't hit them right in the center of the key they will get stuck, this never happens. At least it never happens to me.

I also saw some comments about the build of the keyboard being flimsy. I don't agree with that. The keyboard is very small and light and doesn't have a backplate. But it is solidly built, it is a quality product. Certainly worth more than the $20 including shipping that I paid for the keyboard new.

I also just noticed that there seem to be two types of keycaps in this keyboard. The M0 to M9 plus the next three keys on the top left, and the left bottom cluster (basically all the keys with a nonstandard layout) have a deeper black dye than the other keys. It is hard to notice it in person, but in the picture I posted above  you can see it clearly. That is interesting. I guess Cherry retrofitted some of these keyboards for a specific purpose. The keyboard was new, this wasn't done by a previous owner because there was none. This doesn't clear up the mystery.
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