Author Topic: Hey, I came here to post ISO Alice GB but apparently there are limitations :(  (Read 285 times)

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I usually go around with the username "olligranlund" but apparently I already had a geekhack user so I shall just continue with this one.

I've recently opened a GB for an ISO Alice and thought about putting it up on the GB section of this site, but apparently, I need 25 posts before being able to do that... The rules encouraged not to spam so should I activate myself here or just ask someone else to post the GB?

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We are in the same boat!. I have tried contacting the admins, but they haven't gotten back to me yet! is a keyboard store based in Spain.

Our objective is to increase the availability of in-stock items and promote language-specific ISO. For more info you can check us out on our Instagram page or write me personally to my Email.

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the admins here are volunteers, they have jobs to pay the rents so they may be slow to answer on GH, still we are lucky to have them
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