Author Topic: [IC] GMK EDC (Every Day Carry) - Updated Kitting, 40s, All Vendors Confirmed!  (Read 16612 times)

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Re: [IC] GMK EDC (Every Day Carry) - Vendors Confirmed!
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Yo, ever heard of GMK Bento?
Are you trying to wind us up, or have you really not gone through the OP? He has a comparison to other sets, including Bento.

I think itís sufficiently different, and he actually has pictures of his inspiration, which is _not_ Bento.

Please make sure of your facts before posting snarky comments.

TBH, read the whole thing but missed the very last image with the comparison (and maybe that was added after I commented), but if you think this is going to look materially different from Bento once it's delivered, then you are deluding yourself. I personally think this is way too close to one of the most popular sets ever made.
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Quick Update:
1. Kitting has been updated
2. 40s kit now included in base kit
3. All vendors are confirmed