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Re: [IC] Quefrency Rev.3 case 69Nice
« Reply #50 on: Thu, 08 April 2021, 03:51:43 »
Sorry for the noob question - would you design it such that it's possible to use the plate that we already have from keebio? (:

Do you mean the pcb or the actual switch plate?
The switch plate no, because there will be allignment bits on the top plate and case that will notch into the channels on the switch plate. But you'll get a new plate with the case!

Ah alright! I was wondering if I'd have to resolder what I already have. I've always wanted an alu case for my quefrency, so I'll keep an eye on this project! Not a big fan of brass plate though so I'll be super psyched to see how this develops. Though I know the plan is a sandwich so it's hard to change it out into a different material. Just thinking of how stiff it will be scares me a little. My bottom-out fingers are already trembling.

I do plan on having polycarb plates too, to have a slightly softer typing experience.
Also considering having halfplates available.

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Re: [IC] Quefrency Rev.3 case 69Nice
« Reply #51 on: Fri, 09 April 2021, 15:20:49 »
Rose Gold??
Maybe a acrylic layer for rgb to diffuse?
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Re: [IC] Quefrency Rev.3 case 69Nice
« Reply #52 on: Sat, 10 April 2021, 19:07:21 »
This looks so nice, hopefully this becomes a reality :).

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Re: [IC] Quefrency Rev.3 case 69Nice
« Reply #53 on: Fri, 16 April 2021, 03:52:26 »
Created an account just to say I'm very interested! I've been eyeing the Quefrency since forever, but never went for it due to the lack of cases. I'd join in on this in a heartbeat!