Author Topic: Keycap set suggestions green colours (Lime, Pine, Terminal, Matrix greens f.ex.)  (Read 294 times)

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Hi, new member here!
So i kinda joined/will join to custom keeb world with GMMK pro. Problem i have is that every cool keycap set seems to already been in group buy/never to be made...
The keycaps that catched my eye most, are GMK Terminal, gmk wavez gmk soju and gmk nordic pine...
Does anyone know some upcoming/for sale now keycaps which have green colours?
Matcha sets look cool, but i'm a bit sceptic on aliexpress and also glorious olive GPBT looks ok, but i'm not a fan of that olive green
ISO layout would be huge + but not required

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At the moment, upcoming groupbuy green sets would be GMK Taiga, GMK Hunt, GMK British Racing Green.
Also shameless self plug, GMK Marmoreal ;), although its undergoing major revisions right now and is IC still.

In stock I'd say aliexpress may be your best bet, unless you want to try r/mechmarket.