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[GB] MW-Retro Lights | IN-STOCK
« on: Tue, 16 August 2022, 00:10:14 »
Hi geekhacker,

Id like to introduce you this new keyset: MW-Retro Lights

MW-Retro Lights Pre-Order has started.It is currently available at a discounted rate for preorder at $79.99 per base kit.
The production was completed and shipped to vendors in July.
Expected to arrive in late August!

Because this is an IN-STOCK set, all the assets i post (except kitting renders) is real product photos.

◎ Vendors

US - Spacecable
CA - KanataKeys
UK - Proto[Typist]
SEA - iLumkb
KR - Swagkeys
OCE - DailyClack
EU - Keygem

◎ Information

☆ Manufacturer: MilkywayKeys
☆ PBT material
☆ Dye-sub
☆ Cherry profile
☆ ETA: Late August - September

◎ Inspiration

- The inspiration comes from the Light Mode of MacOS, and the novelties comes from the window buttons in macOS.

◎ Kitting [Renders]

- The colorway of alpha caps are GMK L9, others are based on *Pantone Solid Uncoated*.
- RGBY accents is different from the traditional OG RGBY colors, instead it uses the RGBY colors based on the MacOS window buttons, which are more saturated and brighter

◎ Gift

Everyone who buys the base kit will get stickers and some blank caps for free.Stickers can be put on the blank caps/Spacebars/keyboards.

◎ Products Photos

Personally I think Retro-Lights is very versatile, different keyboards cases can be matched, so i put some real photos for your reference.

If you want to get more photos of Retro-Lights, you can click HERE

Black & Silver

Cream White & e-White

Blue & Burgundy

Green & Starlight

◎ Video

You can switch to 4:22 or click HERE to see the keycaps video.

◎ Notice

> All products in photos and video are just samples.

> The caps color is the same as the final product, but the text of the final product will be different from the samples. Please refer to the Kitting renders for the text of the final product. The final product has the following changes:

◎ Contact

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Re: [GB] MW-Retro Lights | IN-STOCK
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 18 August 2022, 21:34:17 »
Thanks for approval

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Re: [GB] MW-Retro Lights | IN-STOCK
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 19 September 2022, 16:03:24 »
No replies? Weird, nice set.
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