Author Topic: [GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4  (Read 5511 times)

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[GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4
« on: Thu, 18 August 2022, 07:45:22 »
Hello all,

Welcome to the latest group buy of the cypher, an F-rowless compact 1800 keyboard.

Additional images

Key specs:
  • 6 typing angle
  • Top Mount
  • Sub 17mm height
  • lightweight (~1.25kg built)
  • QMK/VIA/Vial compatible PCB

Changes since previous runs:
  • Additional ESD protection methods on PCB
  • Internals modified to prevent screw in stabiliser ticking
  • feet changed from bumpons to flat wider rubber feet
  • minor internal changes to ease machining

Previous run PCBs/Plates will be compatible (excluding round 1 mini USB PCBs). For owners of previous rounds: you can purchase a hard case, additional plates/PCBs and PE foam/plate foam from your regional vendor.

Group Buy Details
  • Pricing: $335
  • Date: 19th August to 9th September
  • Format: Limited group buy (overall limit set above expected sales)
  • Shipping: Expected between May and June 2023

  • Colours: Black, E-White, Burgundy, Forest Green, Pastel Purple (Colour images)
  • By default either a colour-matched or silver aluminium plate is included
  • Also available plates: Aluminium (colours as above), Carbon Fibre, FR-4, Polycarbonate, all in ANSI or ISO
  • The board will ship with a hard case
  • Additional PCBs
  • Additional: PE foam & Plate foam

Here is a list of the retailers with their respective prices and regions. Any links will take you to the product page where possible, I will add when I receive from the vendor.

RegionRetailer & LinkRegional priceNotes
USACannon Keys$335Limit: 700
Europemykeyboard.eu397 EUR inc VATLimit: 200, Addons
UKKeebCats355 GBP inc VAT
SingaporeiLumKB$485 SGD inc GST
IndonesiapluskbIDR 4.990.000Discord only

Plate files are available on GitHub

If you have any questions or comments about the case/pcb/buy etc. please ask here or by any of these contact methods: Reddit, Geekhack, email, discord.
I am most available on discord but will try to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe any way you reach out.

Thank you for your time


Thanks to:
Upas for their help getting this one moving
Necromanx for all his support with this design
All previous buyers of this board for their feedback
You for reading this far



Why are images all black plates?
Prototypes for this were ordered before locking in the options for the group buy, and we only had black plates made.

Edit notes:
18/08/22 - 1) added UK price, 2) added EU price
19/08/22 - 1) added EU Extras link, 2) added UK store link, 3) Updated US to store listing, 4) Added FAQ about black plates
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Re: [GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 18 August 2022, 09:23:18 »
And now for the inner struggle: It's either Cypher or Jiot for my budget. I can always game on if cypher will run again, but I also don't know if Jiot is actually set to run anytime soon. This is a tough one. Thanks for bringing it back though and I hope the GB runs well

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Re: [GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 18 August 2022, 10:00:21 »
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Re: [GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 18 August 2022, 18:27:17 »
Any chance of adding DailyClack for AU vendor?

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Re: [GB] cypher FRL compact 1800 round 4
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 19 August 2022, 10:20:11 »
Any chance of adding DailyClack for AU vendor?

Too late to add this time. Sorry to disappoint!