Author Topic: [opensource] TOAD v2 | 70% keyboard | Now with Alps and aluminum case.  (Read 3392 times)

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used the swill tool cuz im a noob, anything im missing here? assuming measurements for the cut out area are correct... i actually just eyeballed it but pretty sure i gave myself enough space for switches. not sure about the LEDs but not sure if i'll use them either.

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That looks fine to me aside for the LED holes that might be insufficient, try adding them to see how the plate looks like. Also, consider my last PM void.
Lastly, if you could share the half-plate cutout, I'll be adding that to the second post as it could be useful to someone else.

I would second getting that KLE/Swills code from you if you don't mind! Can someone explain what the benefit of having the middle cut out like that, is it to save costs of getting the plate made, to achieve a specific sound profile once built or to better access the switches for lubing/spring swapping (or something else)?

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i am going to redo the half plate as i didn't save the swill inputs, and will also add the led holes to check for clearance.

basically half plates are for tactile switches, the softer bottom out gives a different experience but still gives the sturdy feel for stabilized keys.
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