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Scout 42 Corne Case

Give me feedback for the low profile corne **case** I'm designing! Compared to my last GB, this is something more optimized to be sleek and travel friendly while keeping a very high end feel.  This time I especially had a focus on wireless use.

Timeline: GB Opening in 3-6 weeks, will last 1-2 months


- Sleek and low profile design 
- Battery compartment for large 750mah battery
- Included tenting hardware
- Possible 1/4 - 20 thread for personal pocket tripod mounting systems

- O-Ring Sandwich Mount (Optional) See chieftain build guide for more details
- Tenting
   - 2.5 degree base tenting angle
   - Included M4 threaded tenting hardware + 2 threaded mounting points under each half
- Case Material: Polycarbonate and/or 6061 Anodized Aluminum 
- Plate Material: Polycarbonate and/or 5052 Anodized Aluminum 
- Case Height: 11.7mm to 17.8mm from thin to thick end 
- Price: TBD, ≈ $195
- Compatibility: There are two versions, one which is specifically made for Typeractive's choc-spaced PCB, and another version which is made for general corne PCB's. ALL VERSIONS ARE WIRELESS ONLY (No TRRS cutout)
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