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Re: It's in the mail...
« Reply #11950 on: Tue, 11 February 2020, 17:38:53 »
I'm waiting for @WarCommand's PFU red/blue mod set for the HHKB. I'm yearning for these since they're going to be my first keycap swaps ever. :'(

Can anyone recommend me a cheap keycap puller? Thought about buying this one:

Best cap puller all time

I'll bite. What sets this one apart from others? The size of the grip/handle thing, for better purchase?

It just looks dope tbh haha

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Re: It's in the mail...
« Reply #11951 on: Tue, 18 February 2020, 12:48:48 »
Almost everyone either recycles their stuff, or puts it on Ebay. :)

Aren't those two the exact same thing?

However, I've accidentally started a race. Two contestants are currently boxed and riding in different trucks on their way into my grubby hands.
Number one is an IBM Model M, supposedly a late nineties one I bought used. It was listed for a long time in the wrong category and with a terrible choice of words - basically the only chance to find it was to search for 'IBM PS/2' - So I was able to haggle the seller to a more than reasonable price.

Number two is a Wooting Two which had a 2 days head start, but comes from abroad and has made a terrible choice of carrier, so the tracking is unreliable and there are often delays.  This one is brand spanking new and shipped from Wooting directly.
Tomorrow is the first day I might expect one of them on my doorstep.