Author Topic: Filco Majestouch ninja 2 Keycaps?  (Read 3240 times)

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Re: Filco Majestouch ninja 2 Keycaps?
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 18 April 2013, 17:04:51 »
Yes. Qtan and Feng (both ebay sellers) are known sellers on this board.

The black PBT keycaps come both in dye sub and engraved I think. Also, there may be Tenkeyless 87 sets available for a little less. However, the difference in price is usually quite small. You may almost just pick up the whole set just in case. If you go for the engraved ones that Qtan sells, note that the F-keys have media functions assigned to them. I did not notice when I bought a set. Not a big deal since it is hardly noticeable, still bugs me a little bit though.

I think the prices in his online store are a little better than those on ebay
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