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Apple M0116 drop-in replacement PCB
« on: Thu, 11 June 2020, 06:28:08 »
Hey everybody

I recently designed a new PCB for the Apple M0110a.
The project turned out really nice and the board worked perfectly.

After being asked by quite a few people if I could also create a new PCB for the M0116 I decided to go for it, got myself a really old and filthy board on eBay and went straight into it.

The PCB project is open source again and all the stuff can be found here:

I used the same principles that I had for the M0110a on this project. THT parts only, full size DIP ATmega32A in the same location as the original controller. That way the board keeps a kinda vintage and original looking feel.

Project images:
The board when I got it. Filthy and heavily yellowed.

Build process of the final PCB version:

The finished board:
The case and spacebar were retrobrited to remove the yellowing. The switches were thoroughly cleaned and paper modded.
Overall I am pretty happy with how the board and PCB turned out, even though the PCB has some very minor fitment issues with the top switch and the reset buttons.

Typing demo of the board:

The board also works with VIA now :D

Thanks for reading and happy clacking :D
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