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Wang Workstation Keyboard, xwhatsit Model F USB
« on: Tue, 09 January 2018, 02:07:57 »
I've also  posted elsewhere about this board, but I think it's a pretty cool, and I'm also hoping to find out some more about it as well, so I figured would post here too.  I received this as a gift for Christmas. There are no marking on the case other than the brand logo. It's vintage KeyTronic F&F from 1985. Has a solenoid too!

186071-0          186073-1          186075-2

186077-3          186079-4          186081-5

I replaced the foam and foil:

186083-6          186085-7          186087-8         

Then wired up the xwhatsit and a solenoid driver:

186089-9          186091-10

Quick video of typing on board:

I've seen pictures of similar Wang keyboards but haven't seen a lot of other specific info about them.  Does anyone know more about these boards?