Author Topic: Why do people hate hotswap?  (Read 6829 times)

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Re: Why do people hate hotswap?
« Reply #100 on: Sat, 04 April 2020, 06:25:31 »
The reasons i hate hotswap

  • Switches don't sit flush or some don't even fit properly
  • Fixed lay-out
  • Doesn't feel like building a custom at all just putting lego bricks together(Doesn't feel custom to me)
  • No craftsmanship

I am happy for the new people that can easily just test switches but please don't come with your suggestions on high end boards IC/GB and say " no hotswap no buy or No hotswap is a deal breaker for me".

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Re: Why do people hate hotswap?
« Reply #101 on: Sat, 04 April 2020, 19:42:13 »
solderless electrical connections(also mentioned) have been used in industry for years for mission critical applications.
And every single one of them was designed to be a solderless electrical connection from the start.
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