Author Topic: Help me decorate last touches on my KMAC! Need a capslock + function key  (Read 691 times)

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So I reprogrammed my KMAC LE (finally) to what I want.  Caps is now control and left control is function.  However, the keycap set that I have does not reflect it!

Does anyone suggestions on what I could put there or where I could get some to fix it?  Those titanium ones from Fengs new buy will only match the control->Fn but not my caps->Control issue.

Fixes needed:
  • Caps -> control keycap - I think this should match the Function Key
  • Control -> Function keycap - I think this should match the control key
  • FENGS LIGHT BLUE SPACEBAR WHERE?!?!? messaged him to no avail.  His eBay shop only has the royal blue ones.  I think that light blue one would be the bees-knees
  • CLASHING RED ESC KEY - any suggestions for this fashion faux pas!?!?
  • F J home keys on Sherrys blue/beige set have no bumps!

Edit: First world problems  :D

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