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Dactyl Backlit
« on: Sat, 09 May 2020, 18:02:39 »
Hi, I have built my original Dactyl (concave) keyboard and, I have used for about four months now, no problems.

I have built it with LED to be able to use the backlight feature however, I have not completed the internal wiring. I decided to mount the circuitry in a breadboard to figure out how to enable the backlight. I have used the suggested circuitry, Teensy 2.0 for the right half and I/O expander MCP23018.

I have managed to enable the backlight feature by changing the and the config.h files, as is indicated in the qmk firmware documentation. I have been able to get the pwm signals from Teensy's pins B6 & B7 however, I have not been able to send the pwm signal to the MCP.

Since the MCP does not have intelligent (it is only an expander), I was thinking enable another pin in the Teensy (maybe B6) and that it control the pin in the MCP?

Can anybody tell me whether is possible to do it and give some guidance how to do it?