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WS2811 power Requirements
« on: Wed, 11 October 2017, 12:10:19 »
I understand that the WS2811 requires at least 10v otherwise the strips will burn themselves out, however, are they tolerant of more than 12v? I have a powerful 24v power supply and I am powering 600 LED's, and I would like to use it, however, the most I can crank it down with the available pot will only reduce the voltage to 20v. I don't have a 12v power supply strong enough, but I do have a couple of them.

I tested a scrap piece at 20v and they seemed to be perfectly happy, but I fear that it will severely reduce their life. Will WS2811 tolerate 20v fine, or should I use a couple 12v supplies instead?
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Re: WS2811 power Requirements
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 01 November 2017, 08:37:05 »
Are you sure they require 10v? Where did you read that?

Those leds need 5v supply usually.