Author Topic: Advice: full-size keyboard for someone who already loves hhkb, rf, and reds  (Read 858 times)

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Looking for a full-size keyboard for Granite DSA set.

I started way back in the day with an early Das (disliked, too light to the touch, too loud). I own HHKB Pro 2 and RF silent variable (ADORE this first, love the second). I have a Filco TKL w/red switches (like, too). I will, sadly or not, try browns, clears, blues, and greens, I suspect, before this madness is done.

Novatouch is on my radar -- that's my next TKL. Can you have too many topre switch keyboards? No.

Already have a filco, so am more interested in Deck, Ducky, WASD V2 barebones, & hey, even CM Storm (though rubber case?), and anything that
a) is a full-size keyboard
b) would look good with Granite DSA set
c) isn't TOO big or TOO tall

I have almost bought
a) Deck Legend Frost (just for its clears, you know, not sure about its design)
b) WASD v2 (Brown switch barebones?  Green switch barebones? Code green?)
c) Ducky Premier/Shine (Brown switch)
d) Filco blue switch in Blue Alum (I know, I know, Filco isn't supposed to be on the to-buy list)

I don't need
a) backlighting
b) any specific type of keycap since I've got the granite set coming in
c) macros or the-next-great-gaming-feature (light gamer, heavier typer)

I can't afford to buy three new keyboards, so any advice, insights, humor is most welcome and appreciated.

TL,DR: Own too many topres. Want a full-size keyboard (anything but red, black, grey) to put my Granite PBT set on.

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I can't reccomend my ducky premier/pro enough. The build quality is definately better than a QFR. I've felt filcos, and I don't think it feels any better/worse than my ducky. Only difference is stabilizers. A lot of people prefer the costar ones on the filco, while I prefer the cherry ones on the ducky. I'm an oddball on this, though, so I wouldn't reccomend you try the ducky for the stabilizers.

However, it'll be good because they come in pretty much any switch color, including the rare ones like clears, greens, and whites, and the even weirder grays.
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Ducky Premier/Pro it is this time around, then. I'm definitely interested in feeling the difference in the stabilizers as I've only used costar ones so far. Thanks for taking the time to share your recommendation!

I've read a lot and learned a little lurking about in the forums, but it still helps to have someone nudge you along when you're undecided and a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks again!

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