Author Topic: WHY is the HHKB superior?  (Read 39893 times)

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Re: WHY is the HHKB superior?
« Reply #200 on: Thu, 02 June 2022, 05:37:39 »
dude @phinix we were talking in another hhkb thread last week on here.

i just wanted to let you know that i got a hhkb hybrid white with printed keycaps and i am completely blown away. this is the first store bought keyboard i have used in like a decade. ive been making myself ergo doxes and 60% since i got on here in 2013.

i should have bought this ****ing thing years ago. you should stick with it.

I think I'll buy it again :)

How do you work with this without arrows?
Are you ok with 60% arrows placement?
Do you use arrows a lot?

omg if you buy it again you'll have the most ridiculous history with this board in the 25 years of its history. lol

ok man as for adjusting to keyboards. i am good at adjusting. i taught myself to type on a custom matrix layout ergo dox years ago and ive made my own 60% boards for like a decade. it will take me like a week or two with the arrow keys being where they are on my hhkb for me to adjust.

i freaking love the topre switches. the sounds is soooo nice. i cant believe im in love with a ****ing store bought keyboard.

Fantastic, sounds like you are one of those die-hard hhkb lovers:)
Cool, I hope I will be one some day :thumb:
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Re: WHY is the HHKB superior?
« Reply #201 on: Sun, 05 June 2022, 09:26:23 »
A strange case of superiority, that of the HHKB over other keyboards, takes tents of arguments to be built. Superiority should speak for itself; otherwise, it is just a matter of personal opinion.