Author Topic: IBM Model M Custom Rivet Replacement (Bolt Modded) Barrel Plates  (Read 1431 times)

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IBM Model M Custom Rivet Replacement (Bolt Modded) Barrel Plates
« on: Thu, 18 December 2014, 00:57:01 »
I am offering custom (or standard) rivet-replacement barrel plates for Model Ms.

If you have a Model M and would like to do a rivet replacement because the plastic rivets have fallen off, I will sell you a complete barrel plate assembly that you can just drop in to your existing model M and be done. I can do custom layouts for you if you want something specific like making the num-pad a 5x4 matrix or for going from ANSI to ISO or vice-versa, or for splitting the Backspace key into 2 keys ect, I can do that for you when I assemble your plate.

I have enough for 3 plates right now (they are from Model Ms that I bought to restore, and then found that they had cracks in the outer case, so I have the plates to restore, but I don't have cases to go with them), I have 2 black ones, (1 with drain-holes, one without) and one white one without drain holes.

The metal backplates are the heavier construction on the ones without drain-holes and the newer thinner plate on the one with drain holes.

I will bolt-mod and re-assemble to your spec and then test before shipping.
Cost is $50 with free shipping to the USA, (actual shipping cost outside the US)

I use flush-mount Stainless washers, and recessed brass screws which replicate the profile of the original rivet very well, so there will be no clearance issues, and nothing comes through the top side of the plate so you won't have any issues there either.

This is a way to get your keyboard bolt-modded without having to do the work yourself, and also you won't have to put your keyboard out of commission while you do it. All you have to do is pull your keycaps and stems off, and then transfer them to the new plate, then open the keyboard and take your old barrel plate assembly out and put the new one in.

I also have one more thing to sweeten the deal, if you no longer need your old plate assembly, I will buy it back from you. I will pay $25 back in 'store credit' for my soon-to-be-launched online keyboard store. So your cost may be as low as $25 for a custom plate.

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