Author Topic: Does the ErgoDox allow for (partial) mappings to modifier combinations  (Read 774 times)

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I was wondering about the absence of function keys in the ErgoDox keyboard layout. Then I saw this page which illustrates the programmability power of the ErgoDox.

Based on this I have a question: from the above link I see that for instance one can map sequences like "private:" etc to macros. I also learnt that the Kinesis Advantage keyboards allow sequences like Alt+F4 to be recorded as macros.

Similarly on the ErgoDox, I presume it would be possible for mapping sequences like modifier + 1 to mean Ctrl + F1 and so on individually.

However, I'd like to know whether the ErgoDox programming allows for partial mapping of modifiers alone. For instance, for a modifier to be mapped in general to Ctrl + Alt so that if I press that + <whatever_key> it would be interpreted as Ctrl + Alt + <that_key> without my being required to program the individual full sequences?


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Hi! Thanks for noticing my project.. :-)

I typed out an extensive answer on Tuesday, but i lost it before i could post. I'll summarize now, instead.

Basically, yes, what you want to do is very possible. If you're comfortable making your own layout in C, you can pretty much do anything (send whatever key events you want, whenever you want it). I used to have a xmodmap-file on my computer, that included all my workarounds, but now i don't have anything like that - as it's all in the keyboard layout.