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Re: red scarf III
« Reply #100 on: Wed, 23 November 2016, 06:45:40 »
Sorry to necro thread but I see this board is on MD now, I'm concerned it has alu plate, does the plate flex?  I tried a LZRV with an alu plate and I thought it was very unsturdy and it flexed, so I switched tot steel, I'm concerned this board is like that because it has an alu plate.  Anyone have this board and can tell me?  Is it as sturdy (that is it does not flex when you type) as OEM boards with steel plates?

I'm not sure about the LZRV, but if it's like the LZGH this should be a lot stiffer, even with alu plate. The reason is that the PCB bolts directly to the bottom case, so the bottom part of the case acts like a "plate" underneath it. The upper plate being aluminium really just acts to stabilize the switches with respect to eachother. For keyboards that hang from the plate, plate material makes a big dufference (this is why I had a one-off steel plate made for my skeldon), but I bet you could run this without a plate at all and it'd be good. I tried my lightsaver that way when I was rebuilding it once and it was just fine.

With a PCB sandwitched between two plates it should be quite stiff. Not sure if the rest of the build is to your liking, but that aspect should be ok. Most steel plate OEM boards the pcb hands from the plate also, so this is a different construction from that even.

Now I will yield to anyone who has firsthand experience with the board, but that's how it should shake out in principle. If you want a good KB like this with a steel plate, why not get a duck lightsaver? it's the same layout, similar construction (PCB bolts to case) and has a stainless steel plate already.

I think getting a lightsaver is almost impossible :)
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Re: red scarf III
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can you sell on Aliexpress ?