Author Topic: Autohotkey for Tenkeyless ASCII/Unicode character input  (Read 6430 times)

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Autohotkey for Tenkeyless ASCII/Unicode character input
« on: Thu, 06 August 2009, 20:46:36 »
I made this Autohotkey script for general tenkeyless keyboarding.

I use a numpad mainly for its "-"and "+" keys, which this script simply remaps:

Occasionally I use a numpad for ASCII/Unicode characters, so the script also lets you bring up a tiny editbox that is centered relative to the input/target window.  It expects a hexadecimal codepoint for Unicode characters, or a decimal for ASCII characters.

The interface is set to activate upon hitting Win+U:

To interpret the number as a Unicode character, press Enter; to interpret it as ASCII, press Tab.  Because it's hard to remember numbers, pressing F1 will run Character Map, which ultimately could be used in a hotkey instead.

I found information regarding inputting unicode on Windows and similar posts here on this forum.

This is certainly not the only way to go about it.  The essential function I took can be used in hotkeys or hotstrings, as implied in the same forum thread.