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Re: Post your GMK
« Reply #600 on: Sat, 11 November 2017, 22:20:20 »

There is a 1.5u R2 Delete in the basekit if I remember correctly. Or is there some other reason for the 1u Delete?

Yeah that cap is in there. I kinda like the aesthetics of pairing those two keys visually and showing off a bit of the plate. Delete isn't a key I need when touch typing - only really when deleting emails so it doesn't need to be in easy reach or anything. I also originally had insert and delete swapped so the r2 delete didn't work in that layout.

Must be missing half the set or something as the correct split left shift would be there too :'(

What's correct exactly? That's was how I was intending to map it. Though now I've put shift where PgDn is (there's no 1u shift) and the marked left shift is \ so vim's Leader key is close by. I'm not sure I can handle the little shift though. The position is great for typing but not so good for some modifiers, and I keep thinking my finger is on z when it's on shift ;D

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Re: Post your GMK
« Reply #601 on: Sun, 12 November 2017, 16:58:30 »
A photo of GMK Yuri on my BananaSplit60:

The orange is a bit difficult to capture, as is the faint blue tint on the alphas.
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Re: Post your GMK
« Reply #602 on: Wed, 15 November 2017, 16:46:28 »
My mint chocolate on Uniqey Q100
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I love it!