Author Topic: ErgoDox extended to 88+ (full set of) keys – “Lekhani”  (Read 19557 times)

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Re: ErgoDox extended to 88+ (full set of) keys – “Lekhani”
« Reply #50 on: Sun, 14 October 2018, 03:41:47 »
Hello. It's really only a theoretical design as I have no hardware skills. I am now happily using the KeyboardIO Model01 myself.

I feel that a Lekhani-type keyboard with more keys than the KbdIO M01 will only be useful for providing an ergonomic alternative to attract those who find the lack of keys difficult to mentally adapt to. Lesser keys are really more healthy because they make your hand travel around much lesser, as I can speak from my experience with the M01. And the palm keys of the M01 are a stroke of genius!