Author Topic: Feet of Tex TKL aluminum case for Filco MJ2  (Read 835 times)

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Feet of Tex TKL aluminum case for Filco MJ2
« on: Mon, 14 November 2016, 16:49:09 »
I got my Tex aluminum case for my MJ2 from mechanicalkeyboards a couple of days ago, promptly installed it. Looks great, feels great!

I have a few questions though for anyone experienced with this case:

  • It came with a set of two aluminum feet, as well as two big rubber feet. It didn't look like the aluminum feet could be screwed in from the outside of the case, and I didn't want to take it apart so I used the big rubber feet instead. Can anyone confirm whether the aluminum feet have to be screwed in from the inside?
  • Are there any advantages to using the aluminum feet vs the rubber feet? Other than appearance ;D
  • I doubt anyone will know, but I want to get these Filco doubleshot caps: I heard that since the Tex case leaves very little room around the keycaps, some keycaps are a little too big for it, and on some keys they tend to jam. Anyone knows if those keycaps will work with that case?

Thanks! Nir

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Re: Feet of Tex TKL aluminum case for Filco MJ2
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 18 November 2016, 23:55:49 »
In case anyone out there gets one of these Tex TKL cases and has similar concerns about the feet, this is what I observed after going back and forth a couple of times:

  • It does seem like the aluminum feet have to be screwed in from the inside the case. That means that if you want to put them on or remove them after it's assembled, you have to open the whole thing up (8 screws), take the board out and put the two short screws through the holes at the bottom.
  • The rubber feet have glue on them that made them incredibly difficult to take off when I wanted to replace them with the aluminum feet. The only way I could get them off was to shove the L wrench that comes with the case down the two aforementioned holes, very hard, until they popped off, and there was a fair amount of hard to remove residue afterward.
  • The rubber feet are not as tall as the aluminum feet. You can use neither, and the case will lay flat against the surface. With the rubber feet on it's like the original Filco case without the plastic feet extended. With the aluminum feet it's like the original case with the feet extended.
  • The big rubber feet feel *much* more stable to me than the aluminum feet, which accommodate two small rubber pads of the same variety as the four that go at the corners and keep the case flat. As I result I much prefer the typing experience they provide.
  • Despite how hard it was to remove the rubber feet and the residue, I had no problems putting them back on when I decided I prefer them, but it's probably not something you'd want to do more than once or twice.

That's it. I love this case, but I really wish it came with instructions. It would have saved me a lot of tinkering.