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Re: Tru-Bro ID
« Reply #200 on: Sun, 17 January 2016, 22:09:23 »
Just a quick update on where this is at:

We are currently thinking of the best way to implement this system right now. So far, any keycaps you have purchased that have a tru-bro ID on it, will automatically assign the points to your account.
We decided that trading the points is going to be a massive headache for everyone, so when you purchase a keycap, you get points, and they do not transfer. Still figuring out a point value system, as
well. You will be able to apply it towards things like; t-shirts, stickers, keycaps, etc. I promise we have not forgotten about this, so thank you for your patience thus far.

There will be some really big things happening in the next month, and I will definitely update you here when that goes down ;)

Oooooh nice my first Bro will be my first Bro points!