Author Topic: A modern, custom Wey Tec MK06? Is it feasible?  (Read 827 times)

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A modern, custom Wey Tec MK06? Is it feasible?
« on: Sun, 03 March 2019, 15:41:25 »
I was reading up recently on these specialized Wey Tec keyboards used on trading floor terminals etc.

These can be found on ebay quite cheaply, but they do require both a connector box and ribbon cables to even get them to power up. Also, they use PCB mount switches and are made of plastic, therefore being quite flexible.

I've always been interested in weird/off-kilter keyboard designs and I'm a sucker for macro buttons. The more, the merrier - but not in the boring 100% layout.

My question is - with the prices of LCD displays, controllers and various SoC being at an all time low, could such a custom keyboard be designed and manufactured?

Imagine the possibilities that the upper macro keys and displays could provide. And all of that into a hefty aluminum body. What do you think?

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Re: A modern, custom Wey Tec MK06? Is it feasible?
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 03 March 2019, 23:19:06 »
Maybe look at this thread if it's many keys you're a looking' for...

Pretty pictures here:

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